Healing Touch Remedies

Relax, sooth your nervous system and nurture your heart


~I can't say enough about how Barbara and her massages have made such a huge difference in my life -- she is a true healer.  Barb's massage skills are based in her compassion, intuition and kindness and she always senses, with her hands and her heart, exactly what I need to get relief from stress, pain and tightness.  I instantly feel calm and comfort when I arrive in the very peaceful space that she has created.  Barb is a truly gifted CMT and a treasure as a person.      M.Pillion,  Life Coach, Yoga Instructor and Workshop Leader

Barbara Tapella is a most wonderful and sensitive massage therapist. She was my first massage instructor in the 90’s and we have remained friends for all these years. I can always count on her touch and her grounding presence to rejuvenate my body and my spirit. Her studio is a perfect little sanctuary from the craziness of life and I try to get there as often as my wacky schedule permits. If you haven’t experienced her healing hands yet, you’re in for a special treat!          - Fran Burgess


~I have to say that you are dedicated to taking care of your patients; I particularly appreciated your gentle loving care for my 90-year-old Mom for some years. She could never quit saying how much she loved your massages.  I found your deep tissue work very helpful in may instances as I began serious exercising and when I went elsewhere to get "deep tissue" massages what a joke they were in comparison.  You were very responsive to a hamstring injury recently, willing to see me at an inopportune time for you, but you made it work.  I appreciate your candor, your sense of humor and the compassionate way you treat patients. You also love animals that of course, endear me to you besides your strong hands, arms and elbows.  ~ J. Howard, medical billing agent


~Barbara's massage comes from deep inside her heart. You can feel her the moment she places her hands on you and breathes. That is the best part, the very beginning. I fall right into her hands and she holds me safe, present and relaxed for 90 minutes.  There are few people who can feel where to go, breathe into a rhythm and flow to all the places that needs attention. I love Barbara for her heart and the strength in her hands and her wonderful belly laugh.   Heidi Harris, Chief Operating Officer @Law Office of L. Karhu


~Barbara is an amazing massage therapist – truly one of the best!  She is strong yet gentle.  She has an intuitive sense for what areas of the body need most attention, but also listens to my requests for more or deeper massage in areas I feel need some extra work.    ~IJF,  Physician


~I have been doing physical labor (house painting) for a very long time now and have received many massages from different massage therapists over the years. That was until I let Barbara work her magic on my sore muscles. That was over 10 years ago and I've never cheated on her since! (Well...there was that one time when I was 'stuck' in Calistoga at some mud baths and a friend treated me with a half-hour massage. After it was over, I felt cheap. I also felt cheated-robbed of what I'd become accustomed to under Barbara's skilled touch). After going to her for years I added the hot stone massage therapy just recently and have been further spoiled to relaxing oblivion. I swear I'll never let another masseuse lay their hands on me again. I swear. (No trips to Calistoga planned for the near future!)  ~Alicia "Joey" Brite,  Color Consultant & specialty finishes painter