Healing Touch Remedies

Relax, sooth your nervous system and nurture your heart

About the Practitioner

FORMAL QUALIFICATIONS:       In 1984, I completed the Swedish/Esalen Massage Program at McKinnon Institute in Oakland California.   I then continued advanced study in Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Subtle Energy Systems, Reiki, LooyenWork, Hot Stones Massage, Sports Massage and more.   From 1990 to 2007 I taught courses in the Swedish program at McKinnon School of Massage. 

I also developed and taught a business course for massage therapists. I also developed and taught the Hot Stones Course at McKinnon.

MY PHILOSOPHY:   Always updating my knowledge in this field, I feel it important to stay current regarding changes in massage modalities and the techniques available for various injuries and overall body conditions.  I consider your body to be a vessel - both inside and out.  My presence and intentions are to serve you WHOLE being (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). My professional boundaries as a massage therapist are not to diagnose a condition, but to provide a safe atmosphere to allow your body a space to go into relaxation.

I adore touch therapy. My heart gets to radiate and serve you with love.  That is really the underlying practice and presence of any session you will have with me.  I come from a large loving family.  My mother enjoyed being massaged or having her belly rubbed when she was pregnant with me. Somehow I think that good sense of touch translated into the belly through to me.


MY JOURNEY:       Originally when I attended college, I wanted to study ART THERAPY and make it my career choice.  I have loved creating art all my life and I feel comfortable with the creative process.  I believe that we all have places of resistance that block us from getting deeper into our true selves and getting to that creative process.  Art therapy is a wonderful tool to discover these blocks so that we can begin moving forward once they've been revealed. 

When I found MASSAGE THERAPY, I realized I could touch people and create a NON-VERBAL therapy through the body in a similar way that attracted me to Art Therapy.  Your body holds the document of your life:  issues and events get locked-in at a conscious or unconscious level.  I have found that touch and massage therapy can create a space where you can relax into your tissues at a deep level.  The breath and oxygen that moves into the fibers of your being allows the healing to take place. The non-constriction of your body systems allows you to relax and feel more comfortable in your body.  Whether it be just pure relaxation, mind/body awareness, or a specific focus on an injury, getting a massage is very healing.


WHAT I CALL 'MY DEEP SOUL WORK':        Somatic experiences coupled with the psychological experience are often more profound than we acknowledge on a daily basis. 

 The word "Somatic” which means, pertaining to the body, experienced and regulated from within. Transformation and growth on a mind/body level. It's a freedom from restrictions in body and mind, so that the individual functions and thrives with full potential with self-regulation and independence.

Taking the time to “settle in” can be a wonderful experience.  Allowing yourself to receive touch while going through a trauma can be very healing.  Massage will help soothe your nervous system, which as we age seems to get more tattered and the veil gets thinner.  Becoming a little more sensitive to life, in general...yes?

Massage is my soul’s work.  I am very grateful that at the age of 26, I had the insight to begin this path.  Touching people is a very natural communication for me.  I move slowly and "listen" to what is happening under my hands. Your body, your energy and your breath speak to me.  I listen with my heart and body senses.  My hands seem to travel to the energy vortex that most needs assistance with needing motion or that needs soothing.  I call on the various techniques I have acquired to bring about more relaxation in your body.  Breath is key to life, creating relaxation by allowing you to drop into your body and feel.  Moving fibers and other body structures allow the oxygen and nutrients to move through you feeling more soothed and more open space within so you can live more fully in your daily life.

It has always amazed me how people go through life and do not receive massage. It personally facilitates a calmer, more grounded daily experience.  I must be touched on a regular basis for my over all well being.  Getting regular massage and touch is essential to a healthy more holistic lifestyle.  The more mindful touch you receive, the more this makes sense to your over all well-being.  Your body and all it’s complex mechanisms will be forever grateful.

I want to tell you a little story that is important to me. In 1998 I began swimming with dolphins in the wild. One experience I was graced with was being able to be present with them in the water while they were sleeping.  I know this may sound a bit 'woo woo’ but I was transported to a different space and time.  I was gone…and when I “returned” I knew something profound took place.  I saw very clearly that I was swimming down the axon of the nervous system.  This experience has forever changed my somatic experience with life.  It has affected my touch and healing work. The dolphins gave me an experience that is hard to put into words, but I draw on that energy I experienced with them many times in my massage practice.

I also believe laughter is the best medicine. Laughter can move energy in a way that is so joyful to the Human Spirit.  You may experience some of that in one of our sessions. 

Whatever the case in “letting yourself go”, you may experience something profound and/or effective that will help your body release blocks and tension that can move you to 'forward' pastures of better overall health and a sense of well being.

                     ~Give yourself the time to Breathe and Relax~