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Nationally Certified and California Certified ~ Massage Therapist

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Some information on my Massage Techniques and Belief

My foundation and style of massage is Swedish / Esalen.  Swedish is the traditional massage used with lotion or oil.  The Esalen style of the slower more meditative strokes is integrated with that of the more vigorous movements of Swedish.  Swedish/Esalen works on the superficial muscles, meaning the muscles closer to the surface, and the blood and lymphatic systems.  It is usually experienced as deeply relaxing and nurturing.   I also integrated Deep Tissue/Myofascial release and Shiatsu Techniques with my overall style, giving your muscle fibers and nervous system a deeper contact.

I can do a combo of the techniques or a straight Swedish/Esalen. (I also offer Hot Stones for a blissful 90 minutes).  You have another choice of receiving focused work in a concentrated area using Deep Tissue/Subtle Energy Techniques. 

I am interested in freeing the fascia and creating more movement for you on a body level.  I am also very interested in the subtle changes and movements that happen while I am working with you as well as what happens over time.  I keep my eyes and heart open to the fact that you are a whole being lying on the table.   I take into account your emotional state and mental state, as well as the physical.

My style is intuitive and slow paced.  I stay with your breathing pattern and what your body is speaking to me.

I listen deeply and slowly to your Subtle Systems and breathing patterns. Your breath will move in to areas that are most Free in your body. I focus on getting your breath moving into areas of your body that have been tight or contracted.  Your tissues are like little recorders of your experiences as you walk through life.  Your body is a document of your life's events. Sometimes emotional events will be tied up in a place that physically hurts you; what comes first the chicken or the egg?   Each body has its own story interesting and true to your unique walk.  Each body is very different like a snowflake, delicate and unique.  I respect that. 

We are working together to bring your body to a healthier place. I will expect you to verbalize to me if your needs change during the session.  Communication is essential.  Please feel free to ask me to adjust your level of comfort during the session if needed.  I want to create a safe and trusting environment.    I encourage you to be still and quiet to be able to go into those deeper parts of yourself.  This is your session and I want you to get what you need.

If emotional events are triggered in a session and you feel the need to talk about them I am open to that.  However, if there are deep issues and you find you need to talk in depth about what is being stimulated for you; you may want to couple your massage sessions with a licensed psychotherapist.  Combining the two can help you to integrate at a much clearer level. 

Bodywork can be a powerful experience, come and relax into your sacred self.   My massage office/room is a peaceful sanctuary designed for you to fall into blissville.

Stillness is what creates love
Movement is what creates life
To be still and still moving
That is everything.                       

  ~Do Hyun Choe